Preliminary Bat Surveys of Trees and Woodland

This one-day course is aimed at land managers, tree officers and ecologists who would like to learn how to carry out preliminary bat roost assessment of trees and understand when expertise and a bat licence is needed to inspect Potential Roost Features and undertake arboricultural works. The course will be run at Hatfield House Estate and will include a morning classroom session and afternoon practical session outdoors.

Learning objectives for the course are to:
• Understand when & how bats use trees 
• Understand how & when to survey for bat Potential Roost Features (PRFs) in trees
• Understand why and when a survey licence is needed to inspect bat PRFs.

The morning theory session covers a foundation knowledge of bats; legislation, licensing and the planning system; preparation & planning of bat PRF surveys; survey technique and equipment. The afternoon outdoor session allows the attendees to carry out survey of trees, carefully & effectively with correct equipment from ground and identify PRF in trees.

This course aims to reduce costs; improve in house skills; allow resources to be focused on specialist expertise when necessary; ensure legal compliance and provide clear audit trails; and protect bats using the trees and woodlands.

Place Services’ Principal Ecologist Sue Hooton has over 20 years’ experience as a bat ecologist and holds a Level 2 Class survey licence to disturb bats using a torch and endoscope as well as holding a personal licence to possess specimens for educational purposes.

No previous experience of bats or trees needed.

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Bat on the side of a tree