Trees and Building Subsidence - The Key Issues

According to the Association of British Insurers, tree-related building subsidence costs up to £500 million following a dry summer.

Understandably, insurers want to minimise their risk and homeowners want to be assured that their main financial asset is secure.

Clay-shrinkage subsidence caused by trees is a complicated subject and sound advice must therefore be based on a thorough grasp of the issues.

With methods of investigation and monitoring of damaged buildings having progressed over the years - plus dramatic changes to the law - this course brings the subject up to date in an accessible and understandable way with detailed analysis and practical advice.

The course is aimed principally at building surveyors, structural engineers and lawyers.

What You Will Learn:

Following this course, you will be able to:

• Identify the symptoms of tree-related subsidence

• Identify high risk tree species

• Understand the application and limitation of risk assessments

• Understand the process of investigation of alleged subsidence and the virtues of level monitoring as a diagnostic tool

• Assess potential liabilities in the context of UK case law


Dr Martin Dobson. Martin is an arboricultural consultant who has been investigating cases of alleged subsidence for more than twenty years. He is an expert witness well used to being cross-examined in court and having been involved in notable subsidence cases. Martin provides introductory and advanced subsidence training on behalf of the Arboricultural Association and presents tailor-made courses for local authorities.

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