Historic Building Surveying and Recording: Laser Scanning

This course is aimed at anyone wanting to further their understanding of archaeological building recording techniques and the measured survey of historic buildings. The results of the day course will provide a measured survey of a folly in the walled garden of Hatfield House which will be used for a future condition survey.

The day will commence with an introductory talk about laser scanning and recording historic buildings in general. We will discuss what drawings and photographs may be needed for recording a historic building, why they would be produced and who the end users might be. We will then carry out the fieldwork needed to record the folly using a number of techniques.

After lunch we will process the laser scanner data and examine the different ways it can be used to produce the record of the building. The day will be provided by James Brennan of James Brennan Associates - Chartered Surveyors specialising in historic buildings and monuments.

The course will be held at the magnificent Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, which is home to the 7th Marquess and Marchioness of Salisbury. 

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