Strategies for Maximising Gain

Target audience: All planners, particularly Development Management

Making best use of the changes in NPPF and on CIL

  • Planning strategically to make the most of viability and planning gain
  •  Best practice in addressing development viability in Local Plans
  • Resourcing viability work, and options on joint policies, shared staffing and delivery, including learning from London boroughs/GLA. Building on EPOA work with training linked to joint initiatives and shared learning  
  • Essex Planning Protocol - May 2018 and
  • Developer Contributions Guide 2016.


Gilian Macinnes, Gilian Macinnes Associates - viability and CIL consultant.

Tower Hamlets Viability Assessment Modelling 

Greater Norwich Joint Viability Delivery


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Strategies for Maximising Gain for planners