Appeal Success – Maldon Road, Danbury

18 Jan 2018

Place Services’ Natural Environment team successfully supported Chelmsford City Council in the dismissal of an appeal for a development at Maldon Road in Danbury, Chelmsford.

The proposed development was for a 72-bedroom care home with parking facilities on the site of a small meadow which had been recorded in the past as unimproved grassland, consistent with the Lowland Meadows Habitat of Principal Importance in England. 

During the course of the inquiry Natural Environment Manager Neil Harvey argued that the significance of the habitat had not been recognised and that the scheme failed to provide any appropriate mitigation or compensation.

The Inspector judged that the loss of the meadow should be given very substantial weight against the proposal, which together with less than substantial harm to the historic environment and contravention of the development plan, outweighed public benefit by a significant margin and the appeal was subsequently dismissed.