Ash dieback reaches Essex

17 Jun 2014

As we enter the final part of spring and the start of summer it has become apparent that the widely publicised ash dieback disease (Chalara fraxinea) now appears to have established itself across parts of Essex. We are now beginning to see some parity with the damage that our neighbouring counties; Kent and Suffolk, suffered last summer. With this serious threat being realised here in Essex, it is important to take immediate action to ensure effective planning in respect to both management and the restriction of movement of ash arisings throughout the county.

Internally with our Essex County Council partners we are in the process of implementing inspection and management plans for trees within Essex County Councils ownership. However the Place Services Arboricultural Team are in a position to be able to offer this service externally across the southeast of England. As a framework contractor for the Forestry Commissions Plant Health contract we are ideally placed to provide current independent advice relating to ash dieback. In addition we also have the capacity to undertake inspections and impact assessments as well as to write and implement management programs for affected trees.

For further details please contact the Place Services Arboricultural Team at

For current guidance and how to identify the disease please refer to the Forestry Commissions web page at

Chalara fraxinea