Essex Quality Review Panel Event - Register for Tickets

17 Aug 2020

The Essex Quality Review Panel was launched in June 2019. Since the launch the panel has been able to host a series of successful panels to many local authorities within Essex. The panel has been well received and to celebrate the first successful year, the QRP will be hosting an online live event on 14 September.

The event is aimed at providing an overview of the QRP’s approach and recapping on the past year. We will be hearing from Paulette McAllister, Brentwood Borough Council on their experience with EQRP, as well as an update from the Panel Chair Noel Farrer.

The event will be concluded with a Q+A session with Brentwood Borough Council, Panel Manager and Panel Chair.

If you would like to join us for the event, simply register for tickets at the link below.

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Essex Quality Review Panel Event