Laura Cohen: First ever female bearer in the Dunmow Flitch Trials

20 May 2024

Our very own Laura Cohen, Assistant Landscape Consultant at Place Services, has been selected to take part in this year's Dunmow Flitch Trials in July.  What's different about this year's Trials is that Laura is the first woman ever to carry the "flitch".  The flitch being a half of a pig, cured and smoked!

The Trials date back to the 1100's and are mentioned in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Married couples, from all over the world can enter.  To compete they have to prove their love for each other to a Judge and Jury made up of six maidens and six bachelors.  If the couples are successful, they are awarded a share of the flitch.

On finding out she had been selected, Laura commented: "I'm looking forward to contributing in a meaningful way towards the day's events and supporting a long tradition in the town I have always lived.  I think it will be great fun to be a bearer and am looking forward to joining the team."

To find out more about the history of this fascinating event click here and to see coverage by BBC Essex click here.