Better Planning for Better Place Making and Keeping

Course dates (please enrol for all three)

23 September 2020

14 October 2020 

18 November 2020

Course content

Workshop 1: What makes a good place and how can policy support that 

Workshop 2: How can we address the challenges for good place making and keeping 

Workshop 3: Building the foundation and setting standards for better place making and keeping 

Target audience

All planners

Why attend?

Climate emergency declarations locally reuqire a positive response and actions. The new Environment Bill 2020 will introduce requirements to ensure new developments provide biodiversity net gain, contribute to Nature Recovery Networks, tackle climate change and create green spaces for local communities. The proposed planning reforms to a more predictable 'zonal' system of dividing the land into three: growth, renewal and protection will have an implication. These workshops will explore what makes good place keeping policies and how nature-based solutions can help to meet these requirements in the planning system. 

These workshops will provide:

  • 9 hours of CPD towards your yearly quota
  • Wider understanding of what makes good place making/keeping
  • The ability to interact with new policy tools to aid effective policy development and implementation 
  • Help to tailor these tools based on the needs for Essex
  • Support to help with the preparation and review of local plans and the different stages of planning

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