Carbon Literacy Training delivered across Place Services

31 Jan 2023

In the first year of Place Services’ Pledge to Net Zero we have enrolled all our consultants on Carbon Literacy training as an important first step in raising awareness, helping them develop a better understanding of the climate change challenge, and to learn what actions they can take to fight it and positively impact the environment.  Whilst many of our team already considered themselves as having high levels of carbon literacy, we felt that it was important as an employer to empower everyone with the equal opportunity to understand how we can adopt more sustainable behaviours, both at work and at home, and why it is important for us all to do so.  

The Carbon Literacy training brings in-depth knowledge of the different types of greenhouse emissions, their costs, and the impacts of everyday activities. It has encouraged our team members to take ownership of their responsibilities towards climate change, prompting behavioural and lifestyle changes, and has helped engender the motivation to reduce emissions, and to embed sustainability into the ways in which we deliver our daily practice.  This will in turn assist us in our drive to reduce our emissions in line with our newly established Science Based Targets  

Upon completing the training, our trainees make individual and group pledges, and many have gone on to receive their full Carbon Literacy accreditation. Pledges that have been turned into action include a new waste management initiative to recycle damaged and out of date PPE, a regular newsletter highlighting climate action initiatives from across the historic environment sector, and the creation of a Climate Action Group within the team that will identify, support, and amplify initiatives that our service can take to tackle climate change, and hasten our journey to Net Zero.