It's Back to (Eco) School

04 Oct 2017

Principal Ecological Consultant Sue Hooton has been a volunteer assessor for Eco Schools for six years visiting schools to check on their application for Green Flag status.  Last week she was delighted to visit Bradfield Primary School where she was shown around the school  by the children in the Eco Action Team aged 7-11.

Applying for their 4th Green Flag meant working on all nine topics within the Eco Schools menu and fundraising to cover the application fee. The children were keen to show off their meadows area which includes a pond and campfire area – this is used by all the children for Forest Schools activities from bug hunts to den building. The children were enthusiastic in talking about their projects to cut waste and energy use and apparently the Eco Spies appointed for Switch Off Fortnight each year are not afraid to name and shame teaching staff who forget to turn off the lights! Not to be complacent the Eco Action Team were keen to find out how they could improve the school grounds for wildlife and when Sue spotted a Pipistrelle bat dropping on a seat, the children asked their Eco Schools co-ordinator if they could fundraise to buy some bat boxes to increase and add bats to their biodiversity list.

The good news is that Bradfield Primary School was successful in renewing their Green Flag for another 2 years and will hopefully inspire other schools to start their Eco Schools journey. Lots of information and curriculum ideas are available on

Eco schools flag