English Heritage commission Place Services to prepare national guidance

14 Apr 2014

In partnership with CIRIA and on behalf of English Heritage, Place Services at Essex County Council have been commissioned to produce national guidance on 'SuDS and the Historic Environment.'

The overall aim of the project is to research, compile and produce national guidance on ‘SuDS and the historic environment’ to enable the delivery of good practice and to inspire professional practitioners across a range of environmental disciplines. The guidance will serve to reduce detrimental impacts on the historic environment, as a result of engineering, urban and landscape design responses to problems of surface water run-off and flooding, by helping to ensure the heritage dimension is included in SuDS decision making and design. It will also help identify opportunities where the implementation and operation of SuDS can bring benefits to the historic environment.

If you have an interest in, or experience of, dealing with the issues of SuDS in relation to the historic environment, please contribute to the final guidance by completing our short survey.

You can find out more information about SuDs from our Sustainable Drainage Systems guidance, located in our resources library.