Desborough South Design Code

    • Client: Kettering Borough Council
    • Location: Northamptonshire

field in Kettering

Green fields in Kettering

Kettering development plans

Place Services provided Kettering Borough Council with specialist urban design and landscape advice on the Desborough South Design Code. The Design Code document covered all aspects of the residential development and green infrastructure and was produced in satisfaction of the Appeal Decision’s Conditions and S106.

The proposed residential development site was located on the southern edge of Desborough, bounded by the River Ise to the south and residential suburbs of Desborough to the north. The proposed residential development site covers an area of 13.29 hectares (32.84 acres) and is in close proximity to the Grade 1-listed St Giles Church.

The purpose of the Design Code was to provide a baseline for quality, materials, built form and landscape character for the Local Planning Authority (LPA), landowner, future developers of the site and other stakeholders. Place Services provided Kettering Borough Council with advice and recommendations including consulting with the land agents and applicants team to produce a quality design document.  Green infrastructure was an essential component of the proposed development, with 4.8ha of public open space projected. It was important that the development maximised bio-diversity opportunities, encouraged sustainability benefits such as Sustainable Drainage (SuDS) and created a distinctive sense of place.

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