Dunton Hills Landscape Corridor Assessment and Proposals

    • Client: Basildon Borough Council & Brentwood Borough Council
    • Local Planning Authority: Basildon Borough Council & Brentwood Borough Council
    • Location: Dunton Hills, Basildon and Brentwood
    • Date: 01 March 2017
Dunton Hills Green corridor
Dunton Hills, Highway Design Proposal
Dunton Hills Meadow
Dunton Hills, RP Section
Dunton Hills, Woodlands Walk

This strategic project explored options for a landscape corridor between potential areas of development in Basildon and Brentwood. The project was guided by the two councils’ draft local plans for future strategic development, with the main requirements being the need for visual separation, creating opportunities to improve biodiversity and recreational connectivity, and to create local highway connections.

 A detailed landscape analysis was carried out looking at land use, landscape character, ecological importance and the historic environment. This led to three schemes being produced, comprising of a combination of habitat types such as low-lying meadows, woodland and grazing parklands. Different management strategies were also explored, along with ecological and design guidelines for future developers and highways.

People involved