Queen Boudica Primary School

    • Client: Essex County Council Public Art Team and Construction Management Group, Wilmott Dixon, PHP Architects
    • Location: Colchester, Essex
Line of columns at Queen Boudica Primary School
Art by Bruce Williams at Queen Boudica Primary School
Internal skylights at Queen Boudica Primary School

Queen Boudica Primary school is a newly established primary school serving residential development in North Colchester. Artist, Bruce Williams worked closely with the architect to integrate elements into the building on the theme of trees. He created a line of columns along the front of the building in Coade Stone, each a moulded and painted replica of a birch tree trunk.

The theme was continued in grilles beneath internal skylights, representing foliage and casting shadows onto the floor below. Etched designs of birch trees on interior and exterior glass panels completed the effect. A survey of pupil’s impressions of the new building rated the ‘tree columns’ their favourite part of the building – ahead of the computer suite.

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