1968      County Planning Committee agrees employment of a team of architect-planners concerned with monitoring and assessing the county's landscapes, historic and built environment.

1968      First Conservation Areas designated in Essex, following Civic Amenities Act 1972. Publication of ‘Landscape in Decline’ by ECC.

1972      Creation of the Archaeology Department and establishment of the Sites and Monuments Record.

1973       Publication of the Essex Design Guide for Residential Areas.

1974       Local government re-organisation. The formation of 14 District Council’s with development control planning powers.  ECC retain specialisms to support District Authorities and County Council initiatives.

1997       The RTPI award winning Design Guide for Residential and Mixed Use Areas (Essex Planning Officers; a revised edition of the Essex Design Guide) is produced.

2000       Creation of Historic Environment Team with the Sites and Monuments Record changed to the Historic Environment Record (now containing all listed building data).

2005       Essex Design Initiative launched that set out to improve the quality of the built environment. Revised edition of Essex Design Guide published.

2007    Urban Place Supplement –a companion document to The Essex Design Guide published.

2012       Reorganisation of specialist services; Landscape, Arboriculture, Ecology, Public art, Urban Design, Historic Buildings, Historic Environment and SEA teams becoming Place Services. 

2014       Place Services operates as a traded service of Essex County Council.