Lee Sencier

Lee is a civil, water and environmental engineer with experience working in both the public and private sectors. He joined Essex County Council's flood and water management team in January 2013 as a Watercourse regulation engineer responsible for the regulation of ordinary watercourses under the Land Drainage Act (1991). The role involved consenting works to alter or obstruct the flow in ordinary watercourses as well as carrying out formal enforcement action where flood risk had been increased by un-consented works or through a general lack of maintenance.

During his time on the team he has been involved in a number of projects outside of the day to day including delivery of the £19 million flood capital program, revenue generation and grant funding initiatives as well as co-ordinating Essex Fire and Rescue Service volunteer events. Lee has worked closely with the Flood Funding Coordinator and other Risk Management Authorities to deliver various community lead initiatives utilising Essex County Council’s Community Flood Improvement Fund (CFIF) grant which has enabled flood risk to be reduced at a local level.  

Prior to joining the flood management team Lee gained experience as a Highway design engineer with Essex County Council as well as working for private design consultants on the design of infrastructure roads, drainage and SuDS for new residential and commercial developments. He also has experience working in the field of engineering surveying having worked with a surveying contractor for a time.