Tom Palmer

Tom qualified from the University of Exeter in 2009 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Physical Geography. He has also undertaken a foundation degree in River and Coastal Engineering and will complete the full BSc degree in June 2017. He has spent 5 years at Lead Local Flood Authorities and District Councils undertaking asset inspections, watercourse regulation and enforcement, determining Ordinary Watercourse Consents, and providing flood risk management advice to partner risk management authorities and members of the public.

Tom joined Essex County Council in January 2015 and commenced his role in Flood Services in February 2017. His role involves the production of Flood Risk Assessments, Sequential Test assessments and Strategic Flood Risk Assessments, and project managing Flood Alleviation Schemes.

Tom’s skills include data management, GIS analyses, enforcement, asset inspection and logging, and working with partners. He has a detailed knowledge of the legislation surrounding flooding and drainage and regularly attends conferences and webinar training to ensure he is up to date with the latest software and current best practices.