Ryan Mills

Ryan Mills

Ryan is a Chartered Landscape Architect with a Landscape Reclamation and Restoration Master’s degree from Cranfield University, and a previous degree in Landscape Architecture from Writtle University College. He has been working within the Landscape industry for over 10 years, previously working as both a Landscape Architect and a Landscape Project Manager for both the private and public sector.

Ryan coordinates the delivery of specialist landscape planning advice for Place Services to local authority clients. He regularly leads on the delivery of projects, including landscape sensitivity assessments and landscape and visual impact surveys, and has considerable strength as a project manager. He is proficient in landscape and visual impact assessments, landscape analysis, planning appeals and green infrastructure and landscape-planning advice, and has a particular interest in strategic landscape planning and climate change resilience.

Ryan has led the landscape response to a number of major infrastructure projects including the M25 Junction 28, the Lower Thames Crossing and most recently the Bramford to Twinstead Connection Project in Suffolk.

Ryan provides landscape and green infrastructure planning advice to Local Authority clients on both development management and policy proposals. Currently, he is the specialist landscape consultant for North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit and Mid Sussex District Council advising the Local Planning teams of landscape and green infrastructure matters and recommendations on pre-application submissions through to planning conditions. His expertise includes providing a range of services and advice from Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA) and Green Infrastructure Strategies through to reviewing large scale growth sites masterplans.

Lately, Ryan has also been providing advice to multiple Local Planning Authorities on large scale ground mounted solar PV systems. This has been in the form of Planning Officer and Councillor CPD training, as well as development management advice and guidance on landscape and visual impacts and mitigation opportunities.

His current role as a Principal Landscape Consultant includes:

• Commenting and providing landscape and green infrastructure advice on planning applications
• Acting as expert witness for planning appeals
• Undertaking a range of public realm and landscape design services
• Leading landscape workshops and design surgeries
• Producing concept and detailed soft and hard landscape design
• Undertaking landscape assessments to support planning policy