Historic Landscape Survey

    • Client: National Trust
    • Local Planning Authority: Colchester Borough Council
    • Location: Colchester, Essex
Ray Island, Colchester
Hulk at Ray Island
Bank and ditch earthwork at Ray Island
Bomb crater
Soay Sheep

The National Trust commissioned Place Services to complete an historic landscape survey of its Ray Island estate, in order to: better understand its archaeological and historic significance; to help quantify the extent of the National Trust's conservation responsibilities; and to inform conservation management planning for the property, including for nature conservation, access and interpretation.

An archaeological desk-based study and historical research were undertaken, followed by a walk over survey and condition assessment.   The significance of the nature reserve's historic environment was evaluated and management issues identified. An inventory of historic environment features was created for entry on the National Trust Historic Environment Record, and integrated management recommendations formulated.

"...little was known about the history and archaeology of the property before the Place Service’s team began their study. Their in-depth research and detailed examination of the land have transformed our understanding.  Their well-presented and well written report is an ideal resource to guide management and interpretation for myself as the NT’s in-house archaeologist and for the staff on the ground', Angus Wainwright, Regional Archaeologist, The National Trust.