Historic Grazing Marsh Survey

    • Client: English Heritage
    • Location: Essex

Marshes along the Blackwater Estuary

Duck Decoy Pond

Field Survey

Red Hill

As a distinctive and complex historic environment, coastal grazing marshes are a major heritage asset, contributing to the special landscape character of many parts of the English Coast, and of the Essex Coast in particular.

English Heritage commissioned Place Services to undertake a survey of the surviving historic coastal grazing marshes in the county. Their extent was identified, and historic environment character descriptions for each marsh were prepared. A basic characterisation of the grazing marsh vegetation was made, along with an assessment of their intagible heritage, including place-names. art and literature.

The significance of each of the marshes was also assessed. The results of the survey will inform future iterations of the Essex and Suffolk Shoreline Management Plan, ensuring that the most significant historic grazing marsh landscapes in the country are given due consideration in decision making. You can download the final report from the English Heritage website