Landscape Design and Implementation

Our landscape architects capabilities range from conceptual design and sketch proposals through to detailed design and management plans. We design soft and hard landscape elements in rural to urban environments. We can provide drawings for planning applications and construction, and can project manage works on site under contract.

Our offices are equipped with the latest commercial design programmes for 2D and 3D designs, including 2D CAD drawings, 3D modelling, visualisations, montages, 3D mapping and GIS.

Our design approach is based on our understanding of site context, client vision and operational needs. Our ability to harness strengths from our various disciplines such as urban design, ecology and historic environment allow us to produce holistic and integrated design solutions.

  • Conceptual design and visualisation

  • Detailed planting design and built elements

  • Detailed SuDs design

  • Contract management¬†

For more information about how we can assist you with design ideas and proposals. Contact us.

Tamarisk Way car park Jaywick.

Tamarisk Way car park Jaywick.

Chelmsford High Street. Design ideas.

Chelmsford High Street. Design ideas.

Chelmsford High Street - communal space design ideas

Chelmsford High Street. Communal Space Design ideas.

The Rotunda - International Design Entry.

The Rotunda. International Design Entry.

Wickford High Street. Montage with Cafe.

Wickford High Street. Montage with Cafe.

Shalford Restoration Project - Contour Change Model

Shalford Restoration Project. Contour Change Model.

Witham High Street Montage

Witham High Street Montage.