Public Art

'Harlow Temple of Utopias' by Poman Vasseur and Diann Bauer

Place Services delivers creative public realms and cultural strategies, manages public art programmes and engages communities in the delivery of these programmes.

Artist-led programmes can open up new ways of working with communities and help to articulate and celebrate the identity of a place, whilst encouraging local involvement. The service looks to design programmes that add value and meaning for the participants and end users of a space.

Our specialists explore the location - in collaboration with our clients and the community - uncovering and constructively questioning how an area works and how the heritage and culture of the place can be drawn upon. We deliver projects that augment and animate the public realm in order that they become areas that are connected, well-designed and valued by the people who use them.

The above is provided through practical and creative projects that are designed to deliver the aims and vision for an area in a joined-up and cohesive way. A core element of our process is the creation of high-quality, effective engagement throughout the development of a project, alongside ensuring the standard and quality of the finished programme.

Our services include:

  • Public Art Guidance and Strategy Development
  • Public Art Programme Development and Management
  • Artist Selection and Management
  • Community and Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement
  • Exhibition Development and Management

For all enquiries relating to public art projects please contact us.