Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Place Services approach to developing creative public realms is with the involvement and engagement of local communities and stakeholders. We work with creative practitioners due to the benefits and added value they can bring to projects.

Benefits include:

  • Engage and stimulate debate

Creative practitioners can engage a broad range of the community through playful, innovative or stimulating projects. Incorporating a social or creative element can lead to a greater diversity of respondents or participants and alternative views and insights being generated or uncovered.

  • Identify and addressing barriers

Many creative practitioners will base themselves at the heart of a community, discovering what makes an area function and the issues that prevent it functioning. A core element of this process is the ability to identify and involve groups and individuals that do not participate through established consultation methods. Through being personally involved in delivering their programmes they are able to quickly recognise unsuccessful approaches and revise a programme accordingly. Being fleet of foot is cost effective; it ensures potentially expensive outlay on consultation exercises are avoided through initial trials and enables projects to be tailored to the location or community.

  • Inform and communicate

The term creative practitioners cover a broad range of disciplines from the visual arts through to audio based work, with many artists working across a range of disciplines. This diversity of approach results in a variety of engagement techniques being developed leading to a greater range of people being involved in a project and a more comprehensive understanding than can often be achieved than by more traditional consultation methods. Often the engagement process involves an exchange with the participants, an approach that illustrates the value placed on contributions and instils a sense of co-creation.

  • Alternative viewpoints and solutions

Creative practitioners are skilled in problem solving and bring an innate sense of curiosity; often approaching issues from an alternative or lateral perspective. It is through listening and responding to personal perspectives a deeper sense of ownership or attitudinal change can be established.

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'I love Basildon' by Miranda Sharp

'I Love Basildon' by Miranda Sharp

'I love Basildon' by Miranda Sharp

'I Love Basildon' by Miranda Sharp (2)

'I love Basildon' by Miranda Sharp

'I Love basildon' by Miranda Sharp (2) (1)

'Home Sweet Dome' by The People Speak

Home Sweet Dome by The People Speak, Craylands, Basildon

'Home Sweet Dome' by The People Speak

Home Sweet Some by the People Speak, Basildon.

Play Harlow by Matt Cook

Play Harlow by Matt Cook

'Vibe Cube' by Damian Robinson

Vibe Cube by Damien Robinson and Stuart Bowditch