Tree Risk Management

Tree owners owe a ‘duty of care’ under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 and 1984 to ensure any trees situated on their property or land are regularly inspected and maintained to reduce the risk of them causing damage or harm.

Regular inspections should be scheduled and recorded. The timing of these inspections will depend on the age, species, size and condition of the trees and the use of the land in which they are growing.

Place Services have extensive experience in providing tree risk management services to both public and private sector clients; including highways, schools private landowners and the Forestry Commission.

This may include:

  • Visual Tree Assessment (VTA)
  • Detailed investigation; including aerial inspection and decay detection using the latest investigation techniques
  • GIS/GPS mapping and plotting of tree locations
  • Large scale tree asset data capture/tree database management and analysis
  • Pest and disease identification and management
  • Tree valuation/asset valuation
  • Management plans
  • Policy development
  • Contract management; including monitoring and development of works specifications

For more information about our tree risk management service and our approach, please contact us

fallen tree across road

Tree Failure across road

tree hit by storm damage

Storm damage

ancient tree

Ancient tree