Lucy Shepherd

Lucy qualified with a 1st Class Geography BSc (Hons) from Kings College London. She has always had an interest in the natural environment, stemming from her childhood growing up on a farm in rural Essex. Choosing to specialise her career in Flood and Water Management she now has 10 years’ experience in the field, first being employed at the Environment Agency for 2.5 years and Essex County Council for 7.5 years.

Having started out at the Environment Agency in 2008 in the Development and Flood Risk Team, Lucy gained initial skills in planning and watercourse consenting issues. Lucy had the opportunity to join Essex County Council in early 2011. Here she started to shape the council’s response to new statutory duties as the Flood Investigation Officer. Lucy’s first Flood Investigation Reports are believed to be the first to be written and published in England.

In 2013 Lucy became Lead Local Flood Authority Manager and from here led a recruitment drive, developing new resources in enforcement, partnership funding and surface water planning. Lucy continues to act as the technical expert in statutory duties and responsibilities for the Council at a strategic level, and maintains various flood partnerships on behalf of the service. One example has been her central role in the Canvey Island ‘Task and Finish Group’ which was set-up following severe widespread flooding in 2014. The T&F Group since produced a government ask for £24 million amongst other local community resilience and partnership investment projects. Her primary role is to continue developing the team and to ensure the innovative delivery of their strategy and commercial services.