Hamish Jackson

Hamish is an Ecological Consultant at Place Services and has over two years’ experience as a professional ecologist. He graduated from the University of Plymouth in 2017 with a degree in Conservation Biology and has previously worked for the Field Studies Council and Suffolk Wildlife Trust, planning and delivering environmental education courses and events.

In his current role, he provides advice to local planning authorities to ensure that they meet their statutory and non-statutory requirements for biodiversity. This involves delivering workable solutions for complex ecological planning issues, to ensure that projects will conserve and enhance the natural environment and meet wildlife legislation and policy. He also is proficient with delivering Habitats Regulations Assessments for plans and projects and regularly provides advice on how local planning authorities can meet their legal requirements for European Designated Sites. 

Hamish also holds Natural England Class Licences to survey Hazel Dormouse and Great Crested Newts, and has significant survey experience of Protected and Priority species, while delivering Ecological Impact Assessments.  In particular, he has a specialism with Hazel Dormouse ecology and has presented research on dormouse habitat suitability in the East of England at the 10th International Dormouse Conference.

Hamish is a graduate member of Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management, as well as, a member of the Royal Society of Biology and Association of Local Government Ecologists.