Laura Cohen

  • Assistant Landscape Consultant
  • BSc (Hons)

Laura joined Place Services in 2022 as an Assistant Landscape Consultant after graduating from Writtle University College in the same year, gaining a BSc Garden and Landscape Design. During her time studying, Laura gained valuable research skills and explored a community-based-design approach. Her dissertation garnered a handful of awards including best ‘Innovation in Visual Communications’ and commendation for ‘Best Exhibition’.

Having retrained from the construction industry, Laura looks forward to exploring further public engagement within Urban and Rural Planning to support the development of Towns and Cities. Laura’s interests lie within the theoretical approach of design and how we can use a multi-disciplinary approach to improve well-being. Examples of these theories include: ‘Sense of Place’, ‘Architectural Determinism’ and ‘Biophilic Design Theory’.

She has a strong passion for historic and cultural landscapes and encourages the sympathetic development of these spaces to enable them to continue to inspire and influence future generations.